Areas of specialisation


Specialist cluster
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Stock market comments and portfolio management

Fundamental research, macroeconomic surveys, stock market reviews, ratio analyses, investment management reviews and research, investment strategies, financial market updates

Financial analysis

Financial statements, performance reviews, valuation methods

Enterprise transactions

IPO prospectuses, KIIDs, reference documents, issue prospectuses, debt instrument prospectuses, public offerings

Financing transactions

Facility agreements, syndicated loan agreements, capital increases, loan collateral contracts (pledges, mortgages, surety, etc.)

Corporate accounting

Financial statements, notes to financial statements, accounting standards


Specialist cluster
Related documents

M&A, private equity, venture capital

Due diligence, issue prospectuses, corporate finance, LBO, securitisations, investment MoUs, hybrid securities issue prospectuses

Asset sales and transfers

SPAs, shareholders agreements, option agreements

Business restructuring

Insolvency proceedings, reorganisations, liquidations, cross-border insolvency and bankruptcy

Projects & infrastructure finance

Project finance and infrastructure finance documents (energy, roads, government buildings), public-private partnerships, delegated management agreements


Specialist cluster
Related documents

Corporate public relations

Corporate earnings reports, press releases, roadshows, investor relations, activity reports, annual reports, financial reports, reference documents

Internal and sales documentation

Company newsletters, updates, intranet pages, brochures, marketing documents

Corporate Social Responsibility

Codes of conduct, sustainable development reports, CSR reports, best practice codes

Media and Advertising

Transcription and translation of documents and interviews, translation and adaptation of advertising slogans (trans-creation)

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