The translator’s natural inclination towards intellectual curiosity, self-proofreading and conformity with client terminology are indeed pillars of quality, but they are not enough to guarantee a professional level of service.

Our founder, Nadège Tissier, is a member of the working group which took part in the definition of the Certitrad certification process designed by Bureau Veritas, and she headed the team that compiled the certification application for a partner translation firm, which was awarded this certification for three consecutive years. She is therefore extremely well-placed to assess and offer quality!

Over the years, TFJ Conseil has developed a veritable “armoury of quality”, consisting of:

  • Our specialisation in law and finance has allowed us to acquire a wealth of in-depth knowledge in two main expert clusters:
    • finance: market and financial analyses, portfolio management, macroeconomic surveys, corporate transactions, risk factors, valuation models, enterprise accounting, financing transactions, loan and facility agreements

    • law: long-term financing transactions, mergers and acquisitions, private equity, corporate restructuring, stock market regulations, IPO, asset sale and transfer, representations and warranties, pledges, disputes, ethics, corporate social responsibility

  • Financial documents and corporate communication and public relations media often lead us to explore the depths of our clients’ core businesses.
    For their annual reports, reference documents, business and risk factors presentations, as well as roadshows, we prepare reference document bibles that our teams absorb in order to be consistent with our clients’ industry terminology.

  • We draw up glossaries, terminology summaries, client terminology memos, translation memories, client-dedicated databases and standard-document based folders

  • We rely on the expertise of several colleagues and contacts amongst lawyers, finance professionals and bankers in order to validate certain technical choices.

  • We have implemented a client comment procedure and feedback tools through which we take into account our client’s preferences and comments in order to incorporate them into our various language resources, to build up our translation memories and to update the various instruments we use to achieve the desired quality of service on our projects. We also prepare “non-conformity” reports in order to avoid repeating errors, by analysing any shortcomings in terms of content and service level.

  • Periodic updating of know-how through the hosting of translation workshops, the provision of translation content and skill training modules, attendance at conferences organised by translation professionals (CNET, SFT in France, ATC in the United Kingdom) as well as in the target sectors (Conferences by NYSE, Euronext, Cercle des Économistes, Private Equity Awards, International Law Association, etc.)

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