Do some of your employees’ inherent duties require them to translate work memos without having undergone any translation training? Are you entrusting the management of translation jobs to assistants who may not possess linguistic skills? Do you wish to develop the areas of specialisation of your in-house translators or proofreaders in the fields of law and finance?

We can help you improve team efficiency and linguistic operations performance through our training modules. We already work with universities, schools, major enterprises and translation firms to train their staff:

  • in translation project management: introduction to coordination of linguistic projects or in-depth training sessions (optimisation techniques, use of IT tools)
  • in specialist translation: dedicated content modules relating to capital markets, listed companies’ regulated information, financial instruments, financial and market analysis, international accounting standards (additional content available on request)
  • in editorial translation: adaptation of translations to advertising and marketing media, improving style and drafting

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