•    We accept documents in any file formats.
    •    We are in a position to take on very large projects in short deadlines.
    •    We can assist you with urgent work, even outside business hours or on weekends and bank holidays. Indeed, in our areas of expertise, we understand that our clients are themselves committed to urgent deadlines.
    •     The source documents are drafted and reviewed by working groups, and are then cross-reviewed and updated. We are able to process multiple revision stages (i.e. where clients amend the source document in parallel to our translation work), so as to offer you staggered deliveries, closely-monitored updates. Our Intelligent Translation® process allows us to draw your attention to any contradictory amendments to your documents. We can adapt the translation service level to immediate requirements: from a “first draft” for your information only, to an editorial translation for a “showcase” document intended for publication.
    •    We offer various tools upstream and downstream of the translation process, in order to optimise preparation of the translation project and include it in our clients’ multi-lingual communication strategy: creation of linguistic tools, preparatory briefing, feedback meetings and tools.

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