Standards of service

Quality of service is vital when we work for clients with tight deadlines, and who may themselves be subject to intense time pressure and professional demands. Our long-standing cooperation with legal, financial and accounting advisers and PR and advertising agencies has shed light on the following pillars of a successful relationship with our clients:

  • Compliance with commitments and deadlines, ability to anticipate expectations and hurdles, continuity of service; our goal is to lift the burden of linguistic concerns from your shoulders, so that you can focus on the core of your project.

    Through our dynamic and prospective approach, we offer tools and solutions, we stay ahead of hurdles and achieve the desired result: reliable translation for your international partners.

  • More than a service, a canon of our work. In addition to the non-disclosure agreement that is systematically signed in respect of all documents entrusted to us, we guarantee absolute discretion in terms of file contents and the identity of members of a working group, as well as non-disclosure of information to any third party.

    Confidentiality is ensured by the security of electronic communications through an FTP server or the use of our partners’ and clients’ secure portals.

  • In light of her considerable experience, TJF Conseil has appointed Nadège Tissier as your sole point of contact. She’s available at all times, including in the evenings and on weekends, and will immediately react to your needs and requirements.

    She will adapt to your changes in schedules and deadlines. Through Nadège, we guarantee proactivity and availability in the face of the uncertainties and contingencies of your project.

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