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Unfortunately, many linguists shirk this aspect of translation, which can be fraught with hazards.
We, on the other hand, recognise the importance of this process. Thus, we offer in-depth proofreading of documents, whether translated from the original language or directly drafted in a foreign language by non-native speakers. This rereading process entails a focus on fundamentals, and eliminates any misinterpretation of source language or translation errors. As part of our Intelligent Translation® process, our proofreading methodology goes beyond a mere spell check, and endeavours to improve the quality of target language drafting, to ensure the flow of style, and to verify consistency of references .

Creation of language tools

Where your translation project is part of a broader communication strategy – whether internal, commercial, regulatory or intended for your stakeholders – it is vital that you rely on dedicate tools in order to guarantee consistency and uniformity of your international information: creation of glossaries, terminology databases, references libraries, translation memories, language specifications, preparatory briefing documents.
We have designed a flagship tool: the client terminology memo (cahier des charges linguistique). This memo is prepared with the cooperation of the client firm’s various relevant departments and divisions; it defines the linguistic benchmarks, the staff and officer positions and functions, the description of directors’ and managers’ structure and hierarchy, the business line and corporate terminology. Once the memo is validated, we can rely on it as a practical and systematic tool for all your employees who may be required to draft messages in the target language.

Upstream of project launch, we also offer feedback tools in order to record your comments, preferences and exclusions and thus avoid repeating them. This process allows us to adopt bespoke translation terminology and style that meet your expectations. These feedback tools comprise the post-assessment grid, feedback meetings, the systematic updating of glossaries, translation memories, as well as quality control mechanisms.

Project management

Are you faced with a multilingual project to be launched and followed?
Would you like to focus on your core business and avoid the undue stress of the linguistic aspects of a transaction or project?

Why not delegate it to a specialist team? We can thereafter ensure full coordination of your project, selection of appropriate resources, project segmentation, monitoring, update management, liaising with the various parties involved in the project as well as the various proofreading stages and exchanges of work in progress until final delivery.


Advertising cannot be subsumed into mere instructions. It requires adaptation of the message to the unique geographic and cultural features of the target market. It also requires a much higher level of drafting skills, since the natural limitations of language must be transcended in order to “speak” to the target audience without altering the initial message.

We work on the basis on creative portfolios, take part in brainstorming sessions and systematically offer three different versions of the slogans, baselines, mottos and other components of your brand identity. We can also increase their impact by means of cultural enquiries on the target markets. Accuracy in service design is essential to a transcreation project; our offer is therefore extremely detailed, and specifies deliverables, numbers of meetings, proofreading stages and detailed reverse schedules.


We transcribe audio and video content on word processing software prior to translation or subtitling.

On-site presence

Data-rooms, working groups, confidentiality requirements, technical constraints: such are the circumstances that can prevent any exit of documents from your premises. We can work on site to carry out translation, proofreading and updating work.


We offer simultaneous interpretation services for internal presentations, seminars, board and management meetings, etc.

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